The Life of Agricola and the Germania


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Author  Cornelius Tacitus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  196

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In this revision of my fathers edition of the Agricola and Germania, the effort has been made to bring the text and the annotation up to date through the use of the most important critical and exegetical material that has appeared since the publication of the old edition, and at the same time to preserve the general character of that edition and to retain so far as possible such views on important historical questions as the original editor had developed through long and careful study of the subject. In cases of this sort, where the opinions held by more recent scholars have appeared to be very generally oppsed to his, his notes have been for the most part retained, but have been supplemented by statements of certain opposing views. Professor Hendrickson and myself have collaborated (particularly in the case of the A gricola) in the revision of the text and annotation, and he has contributed the new introductions to both treatises. Maps, which the old edition lacked, have been provided, and tables showing the chief deviations of the present text from that of the old edition and of Halm are given in an appendix. Sincere thanks are due to Professor M.S. Slaughter and Professor G. C. Fiske of the University of Wisconsin for assistance in working over the commentary, and to Professor D. C. Munro of Wisconsin and Professor C. H. Haskins of Harvard for suggestions in regard to the bibliography for the Germania. KATHARINE ALLEN Madison, Wis.
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