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Author  Reginald Stephen Copleston
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  214

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No discussion of the numerous points under dispute !to the structure of tlie theatre, the arrangement I of the plays, and tlie dresses of the actors, haa been i admitted into this volume ;but in each case tliat view which appeared most probable and moat intelligible has I xe. adopted without any expression of uncertainty, and oceaaionally even the writers own conjectures have I jeon introduced. But, in truth, the greatest uncer Itointy prevails on all such points. The writer desires here to expreaa his thanks to Miss lifiwanwick and to Professor Plumplre for tlie courtesy Pwith w Hch they liave granted pennisaion to use their tranalations. To Professor Plumptre s Introduction, Chapter II. la greatly indebted ;nor is there any part in which his adiuirable book has not been of service.
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