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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  122

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Marcus Tullius Cicero, the greatest of Roman orators, was born at A rpinum in 106 B.C. His family was of equestrian rank, but had never held any office in Rome. Cicero was accordingly a novus homo, and his struggle to obtain the praetorship and consulship was on that account made harder. He was sent while still a young lad to Rome, and there studied under the best masters, such as A rchias. In B.C. 91 he assumed the toga virilis, and then attended the lectures of orators and lawyers. He was entrusted by his father to the special care of Mucins Scaevola, the A ugur, from whose side he hardly ever departed. At that time one of the easiest methods of obtaining fame and success was by means of oratory, and as Cicero had a natural talent for this art, he cultivated it in preference to devoting himself to a military life. However, he served, as was usual with young Romans who aspired to public office, one campaign, and this happened to be in the Social War (89 B.C.) under Cn. Pompeius Strabo (the father of Pompey the Great). For the next six years he took no part in public affairs, but devoted his time to the study of rhetoric and the various schools of philosophy; from Phaedrus he learned the Epicurean system, from Philo that of the New A cademy, and from Diodotus that of the Stoics. The first of his extant speeches is that Pro P. Quinctio, which was delivered in 81 B.C. Two years later, in a criminal trial, he defended Sextus Roscius A merinus, whose accuser was Chrysogonus, the powerful freedman of Sulla.
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