Celtic Scotland


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Author  William F. Skene
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  550

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Each volume of this work may be regarded as complete in itself so far as the object of the volume is concerned, and will be issued separately. The principal aim of the Author in this first volume of Celtic Scotland has been to endeavour to ascertain the true facts of the early civil history. For this purpose the narratives of her early historians afford no available basis. The artificially-constructed system of history first brought into shape by John of Fordun, and elaborated in the more classical text of Hector Boece, must, for the Celtic period of our history, be entirely rejected. To attempt to found a consecutive historical narrative on the scattered notices in the Eoman writers and in the Chronicles, which consist merely of lists of kings with the length of their respective reigns, and notices of a few isolated battles, would be merely to produce an unsatisfactory and unreadable book.
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