The History of the Anglo-Saxons, Vol. 2...


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Author  Sharon Turner
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  636

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His other son, his daughter, and kinsmen, and 56 also his nobles, partook of his testamentary liberality. His will displayed both the equity and the piety of his mind. SOON after Ethelwulf sdecease, Ethelbald married his widow, Judith, in defiance of religious institutions and the customs of every Christian state.3 On the exhortations of Swithin, he is represented to have dismissed her, and to have passed the remainder of his short life in reputation and justice.4 He died in 860. Judith sSOME time after the death of Ethelbald, riage. Judith sold her possessions in England, and returned to her father; she lived at Senlis with regal dignity. Here she was seen by Baldwin, surnamed the Arm of I ron, whom she married. He was descended from the count, who had 1S ee Alfred swill, published by Mr. A stle, which recites this devise. 1H eordered throughout all his lands, that in every ten manors one poor person, either a native or a foreigner, should be maintained in food and clothing, as long as the country contained men and cattle. He left the pope an hundred mancusses, and two hundred to illuminate St. Peter sand St. Paul schurches at Rome o Easter eve and the ensuing dawn. A sser, 13. JA sser, 23. But this author, and they who follow him, are wrong in stating that this was against the custom of the pagans; for Eadbald, king of Kent, had done the same in 616; and the Saxon Chronicle, in mentioning that event, says, he lived on haechenum cheape spa, that he haejrbe hir yaebep lape to pive, p. 26. Matt. West. 310. Rudborne,
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