The Great Events By Famous Historians, Vol...


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Author  Charles Francis Horne
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  432

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Greece and Rome, to the charm of their gayer life, the splendor of their intellect. We know now that there was no such sudden reawakening, that Teutonic Europe toiled slowly upward through long centuries, and that men learned only gradually to appreciate the finer side of existence, to study the universe for themselves, and look with their own eyes upon the life around them and the life beyond. Thus the word renaissance has grown to cover a vaguer period, and there has been a constant tendency to push the date of its beginning ever backward, as we detect more and more the dimly dawning light amid the darkness of earlier ages. Of late, writers have fallen into the way of calling Dante the morning star of the Renaissance ;and the period of the great poets work, the first decade of the fourteenth century, has certainly the advantage of being characterized by three or four peculiarly striking events which serve to typify the tendencies of the coming age. In 1301 Dante was driven out of Florence, his native cityrepublic, by a political strife.
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