Travels in Greece and Russia, With an Excursion...


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Author  Bayard Taylor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  436

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The reader will observe that in describing Greece, I have devoted myself to the physical aspects of the country, and the character and habits of its present population, rather than to its past history and classic associations. I f, therefore, there are no new pictures in this volume, there may be, at least, some old and familiar subjects exhibited under new atmospheric effects. I should otherwise have hesitated to select a field which may be considered well-nigh exhausted, were it not that the country is still in a transition state, and every few years presents a new phase to the travellers eye. Owing to the pressure of other literary labors, this volume has been too rapidly prepared for the press, to allow me to add a special chapter on the Ethnology of Greece, as I had originally designed.
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