An Apology for the Colouring of the Greek Court...


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Author  Owen Jones
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  68

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Tna coloured or colourless state of the monuments of the Gfreeks, and more particularlj of their monumental sculpture, has long been a subject of discussion in the world of art; a discussion which, although it may haye been carried on with too much faith on the one side, has certainly been accompanied, on the other, with too much prejudice. At a very early stage in the arrangements for forming in the Crystal Palace a series of reproductions of architectural monuments, I felt that to colour a G-reek monument would be one of the most interesting problems I could undertake; not indeed in the hope that I might be able completely to solve it, but that I might, at least, by the experiment remove the prejudices of many.
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