The Classics, Greek and Latin


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Author  Marion Mills Miller
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  468

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EiUCYDIDES was the first truly critical hisEBP S5I torian. The little we know of his life, we a i Sgather from his own words; and it is char1 ta acteristic that he has told us nothing but what has a direct bearing upon his work. He was an A thenian. He was in the full maturity of his powers in 431 B.C.. when the Peloponnesian War began, and retained his mental vigor unabated in 404 B.C., when the war ended: it has hence been inferred that he was born in 471 B.C. Through his great-grandfather, a Thracian princelet. he was closely connected with the family of Miltiades, being cousin of Cimon. His ownership of valuable gold mines in Thrace led to frequent residence there, during which he acquired large influence among the natives. In 424 B.C., being a member of the board of generals, he was stationed with a small squadron in Thracian waters, a most responsible command, as a Spartan force under Rrasidas was threatening the .A thenian possessions in that quarter. The loss of A mphiopolis in this campaign, for which he was held responsible, led to an exile of twenty cars. wliicli he sjicnt partlv on his Thracian estate, and part!- in -isiting the non-A thenian regions of the Tireek world. In 404 he returned to .A thens, but not for long; he soon retired again to Tln acc. where he died bv violence at some uncertain date. possi1)lv. but not ccrtainK-. before 396 B.C. He left his work unfinished. The teaching of tlu. opln st. who were insisting that a sat! =;factr)r- sflution of the manifold puzlcs of life could only be lioped for bv the unfettered exercise of rcasf n.
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