Rome and Pompeii


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Author  Gaston Boissier
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  464

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Ta. CHAPTER V. Os TiA 293-334 PAGES I. Modern Ostia A spect of tte plain by which ancient Ostia is covered How the town came to be abandoned The first excavations made there Signor Visconti slabours Discovery of the Street of Tombs The house known as the Imperial Palace The great temple and the street leading towards the Tiber The shops situated along the river, 295-306 II. Why the port of Ostia was founded The free distribution of corn in Rome The difficulty of provisioning Rome Creation of the port of Claudius The port of Trajan The Imperial Palace The town of Partus The magnificence of 0iia and Port Ms, 306-325 III. The religious monuments at Ostia Introduction and swift progress of Christianity The Xenodoc Mvm of Pammachius Prelude to the Octamus of Minutius Felix Death of St Monica, 325-334 CHAPTEE VL POMPE n, ,335-485
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