Records of Roman History, from Cnæus Pompeius...


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Author  Francis Hobler
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  468

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Livs .CAESAR .ANTON i Nvs. The unlaureate head of Antoninus to the right. o. TRIE .POT .COS .in the exergum pietas, in the field S. C. Antoninus in sacerdotal attire standing to the right hefore a decorated altar, on which a fire is burning; his right-hand raised, in the left he holds an acerra or small incense casket. Antoninus was remarkable for his piety and strictly religious observance of moral duties and good conduct towards all people. Historians have pronounced great encomiums on him for his excellent conduct. Prom the head being unlaureate we may fairly conclude that this coin was struck very soon after the adoption of Antoninus by Hadrian ;also by the use of the word caesar and omitting avgvstvs, shewing that the Emperor Hadrian was not then dead. The acerra or small incense casket is thus noticed: Daatque sacerdoti custodem thuris acerram. Ovid. Met. A very good brown coin. Weight 454? grains. 836. IMP .AELIVS .CAESAR .ANTON iNVS. The Unlaureate head of Antoninus to the right. $0. TRiB .POT ,cos. In the exergum pietas., and S. C. in the field.
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