The New Golden Age, Influence of the Precious...


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Author  It H. Patterson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  554

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Europe, since the year 1500. But one-third of, this enormous quantity had been exported from Europe, chiefly to A sia; a still larger quantity had been converted into plate and ornaments ;while about one-eighth (or 170 millions) had been lost to the use of mankind, by casualties and abrasion.1 The total quantity of gold and silver existing as coin in Europe at the beginning of the present century is reckoned to have amounted to about 380 millions sterling. This was more than ten times as large as the stock existing at the date of the discovery of A merica; and the annual supply was in a still larger proportion to what it had been in A.D. 1492. Some of the American mines had become exhausted, but these were more than replaced by the 1S ee supm, note to chap. x.
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