On the Track of Ulysses Together With an Excursion...


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Author  William James Stillman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  118

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To WENDELL PHILLIPS GARRISON. In times when the feveri hambition of our peojile so generally climbs to distinction by loays offensive to the true intellectual and moral life, and. when V3e find the old standards of human dignity so often forgotten ;it renews ones faith in the future of humanity to meet a man whom neither the Olympian dust nor that of California lias been able to deflect from that line of perfect rectitude of life lohich, if existence is to be anything but an indecent scramble, ice must recognize as entitling the man who holds it, to the highest respect of his felloiv-men. When besides this claim to our resp)ect he has been able to 7naintain undAmmed the lustre of a name such as you bear, the distinction is still brighter. If therefore my insignificant tribute were only as the dust vhich, catching the sunshine, mahes it visible, let me offer this dedication in recognition of the true standard of nobility as I knoio it in your fathers son. W. J. STILLMAN.
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