Greek and Gothic, Progress and Decay in the...


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Author  Richard St. John Tyrwhitt
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  404

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UjU. PREFACE. The latter part of this book has already appeared before the public, under the kind editorship of Miss Yonge, in the Monthly Packet, It there found readers enough to invite republication; and it has seemed best to add a connected sketch of ancient Greek and Roman arts and monuments. I hope the whole may form a readable handbook,.or guide to a course of study. It may possibly show the way into a department of history which becomes daily of more importance. Ancient monuments yield to time, destruction, and restoration, and lose their value as documents ;or new light is thrown on what remains. The Muse of History is like the Sibyl in respect of burning her books; but their relics are always worth their price.
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