Damascus and Palmyra


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Author  Charles Greenstreet Addison
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  244

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At the present moment, when the facilities of travelling have been multiplied so vastly by the discoveries made within our own recollection, and when time and space seem almost annihilated by the gigantic power of the steam-engine, the attention of the public is naturally attracted every day more and more to the East, and to those countries bordering the shores of the Mediterranean, which the ancient and modem historian have alike rendered so interesting. Many, desirous of visiting the venerable ruins which still exist in those classic lands, and of personally examining the striking peculiarities, of custom, and habits, which distinguish the Orientals from the Europeans, are deterred from satisfying their curiosity by the supposed difficulty of the enterprise and the want of information as to the mode of travelling and the length of time requisite for the journey. Much of our most valuable knowledge relative to Eastern countries is sealed up in unwieldy quartos, and lies buried under a mass of learned discussion and antiquarian research.
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