Aryan Civilization


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Author  Fustel De Coulanges
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  304

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The first edition of La Cite A ntique, by Monsieur FusTEL DEC ouLANGES, Historical Professor at Strasbourg, appeared in 1864, and has since been crowned by the French A cademy. Perhaps no other treatise could be found more useful for educational purposes or affording a clearer insight into the spirit of antiquity. The distinctive features of it are the use of Sanscrit for further purposes than those of philology, and a comparison of the laws and institutions of the Greeks and Romans with those of the ancient Hindoos. rr Greek and Roman civilization is shewn to have been based upon the worship of mens dead ancestors ;from which worship, and not so much from the right of labour, were derived the idea of property and the old laws of succession. A mong the points proved is the identity of the ancient gerrs with the primitive family, and the revival of the patriarchal theory for at least a portion of the A ryan race.
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