Palestine or the Holy Land


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Author  Michael Russell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  336

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In giving an account of the Holy Land, an author, upon examining his materials, finds himself presented with the choice either of mple history on the one hand, or of mere local description on the other; and the character of his book is of course determined by the selection which he makes of the first or the second of these detriments. The volumes on Palestine hitherto laid before the public will accordingly be found to con tain either a bare abridgment of the annals of the Jewish people, or a topographical delineation of the country, the cities, and the towns which they inhabited, from the date of the conquest under Joshua, down to the period of their dispersion by Titus and A drian. Several able works have recently appeared on each of these subjects, and have been, almost without exception, rewarded with the popularity which is seldom refused to learning and eloquence. But it occurred to the writer of the following pages, that the expectations of the general reader would be more fidly answered were the two plans to be united, and i Jie constitn tion, the antiquities, the religion, the literature, and even the statistics of the Hebrews combined with the narrative of theur rise and fall in the sacred land bestowed upon their fathers.
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