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Author  Leonhard Schmitz
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  596

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This second chapter includes the space of fifty-five years; namely, the last fifteen years of Ptolemy, the son of Lagus, who had already reigned twenty-three, with which the other fifteen make thirty-eight; and forty-eight years more, being the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus. SECTION I. THE FOUR VICTORIOUS PRINCES DIVIDE THE EMPIRE OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT INTO AS MANY KINGDOMS. After the battle of Ipsus %the four confederate princes divided the dominions of Antigonus among themselves, and added them to those they already possessed. The empire of Alexander was thus divided into four kingdoms, of which Ptolemy had Egypt, Libya, A rabia, Coelosyria, and Palestine; Cassander had Macedonia and Greece; Lysimachus Thrace, Bithynia, and some other provinces beyond the Hellespont, with the Bosphorus; and Seleucus all the rest of Asia to the other side of the Euphrates, and as far as the river I ndus. The dominions of this last prince are usually called the kingdom of Syria, because Seleucus, who afterwards built Antioch in that province, made it the chief seat of his residence, in which he was followed by his successors, who from his name were called Seleucidae. This kingdom, however, Plut. in Demet. p. 902. A ppian. in Syr. p. 122, 123. Polyb. Lxv. p. 572. Vol.
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