The Reign of Tiberius


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Author  Cornelius Tacitus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  356

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Translation of a worky which, tor wisdom and force, is in higher fame and consideration, than almost any other that has yet appeared amongst men: it is in this war, that Thomas Gorcton begins The Discourses, which he has inserted into his rendering of Tacitus; and I can find none better to introduce this volume, which my readers owe to Gordon saffectionate and laborious devotion. Caius Cornelius Tacitus, the Historian, was living under those Emperors, who reigned from the year uto the year 117, of the Chnstian era; but the place and the date of his birth are alike uncertain, and the time of his death is not accurately known. He was a friend of the jrounger Pliny, who was bom in the year 61; and, it is possible, they were about the same age. Some of Pliny sletters were written to Tacitus: the most famous, descnbes that eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which caused the death of old Pliny, and overwhelmed the cities of Pompeii and of Herculaneum. The public life of Tacitus beiran under Vespasian; and, therefore, ne must nave witnessed some pari ot the reign of Nero: and we read in him, too that Tin wji :iYP after A eaocMJ on of the Emi Tj. tne vear 77, Juliu TvgirTCO ia, tnen Consul, D etrothed bit daughter to Tacitus; and they were married in the following =i jyear. In 88 Tacitus was Praetor; and at the Secular Games of i i i Domitian, be was one of the Qidndidmviri: these were sad , !J and solemn officers, guardians of the Sibylline Verse; and . intercessors for the Roman People during their grave ,il centenaries of praise and worship. ...
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