Livy, Books I-X, Vol. 1


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Author  Livy Livy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  224

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The Edition of the fiirst decad of Livy, of which I now publish the first instalment, is intended to put the reader in possession of the information necessary for forming a judgment not only about the meaning but also about the truth and value of what Livy says. In other words, it comprises a historical as well as a philological commentary. The reader will, therefore, be prepared to find the quantity of annotation somewhat large, and may even not refuse to believe me when I assure him that I have studied compression throughout. Nevertheless, it is the first book of the decad more than any later one that presents difficulties to the historical student, for it is the first book that suggests the principal questions which have occupied so many scholars since Niebuhr stime. I expect to be able to elucidate the rest of the decad as fully by means of a much shorter commentary. I have found it possible to throw my historical elucidation of this book into the form of a continuous essay, which will bear to be read by itself.
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