An Epitome of the Civil and Literary Chronology...


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Author  Henry Fynes Clinton Esq
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  482

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In the three volumes of the Fasti Hellenici the testimonies are collected upon which the facts and opinions are founded. Each writer is made to give his own evidence in his own language, or the passages are referred to in which the evidence is contained. In the present volume the quotations and references are omitted, the principal facts and observations are retained, and sometimes the arguments by which the facts are established. In this, as in the larger work, the Chronology of Rome from the war of Pyrrhus in Italy to the death of Augustus is combined with the memorials of Greece. The account of the Assyrian Empire, the Scripture Chronology, and other subjects which were embraced by the larger work, are also inserted in this. If any errors were discovered in the larger work, they have been corrected; and, although the testimonies which are given in the former volumes are not repeated in the present, yet, when additional testimonies have been found, and when access has been had to new materials, I have availed myself of these, and have quoted such testimonies.
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