The Birth and Growth of Science in Medicine...


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Author  Sir Frederick W
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  30

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Mr. President and Fellows, AH arveian orator, in choosing the subject of his discourse, hesitates between two paths. He may seek to elucidate some point in the founders Hfe or work which has escaped the notice of previous orators, or he may take some wider theme and speak of the spirit in which Harvey carried on his labours. I have not the knowledge to attempt the first of these alternatives, and when. Sir, you did me the great honour of nomination as this years orator, it was clear to me that I must adopt the second. Many of my predecessors in the office have been more distinguished pathologists than I am, but I believe that this is the first occasion on which the honour has been conferred upon one who is not engaged in ordinary medical practice, but is a pathologist by profession. I have to thank you, Sir, not only on my own behalf, but even more in the name of the subject which, in all humilit ,I represent. The Harveian orator is enjoined to commemorate the various benefactors of the College, but considerable latitude is by custom allowed him as to the manner in which he fulfils this duty. Our College is rich in former gifts of books, pictures, silver and other valuable and beautiful possessions; our endowments in houses and lands enable the Foundation to carry out its work with ampler means.
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