New Latin Composition├Žsar;, Cicero,, a Systematic Grammatical


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Author  Moses Grant Daniell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  294

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Although in the process of revision this book has been practically rewritten, all the fundamental principles which have characterized its predecessors and made them so successful have been retained. The authors experience as text-book makers and teachers, the verdict of a multitude of teachers who have used the former book, the attitude of the universities and colleges of highest rank, the reports of the various Latin conferences, as well as the recent flattering imitations of the earlier books, afford a very convincing indorsement of the purpose and method of this present work. At the same time new features suggested by experience and developed by the application of sound pedagogical principles have been added. Those familiar with the last edition will here miss no desirable feature of the former book and will find many new ones. Plan. That the Latin Composition in the secondary school should be based on the text read is a principle now so generally accepted that its soundness and practical wisdom may safely be assumed.
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