In Nature's Temple


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Author  Joseph Dickson Carson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  228

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The Ancient Faiths of India Brahmanism ......... 161 The Buddha 161 From the Literature of Ancient Greece 166 Homer 168 Xenophanes Teachings .173 Socrates ,173 From the Literature of France 179 De Mirabeau i8i Robespierre ZD e Mirabeau and Robespierre Compared 184 From the Literature of Palestine The Hebrew Scriptures .. 186 Apocryphal Books 187 The Septuagint .. .. ,188 The Books of the New Testament 189 From American Literature 191 The Lord of Tezcuco 192 Banish Care 194 Indian Thanatopsis 19c Bernardino De Sahaguns 196 A braham Lincoln 198 From English Literature 203 The War of the Roses 203 Oliver Goldsmith 204 ILLUSTRATIONS. PAGE Frontispiece i And thus ray soul was schooled to the sublime Midst vast upheavals of some ancient time (page 76).
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