Coins of Magna Graecia


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Author  Alfred Watson Hands
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  362

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The works hitherto published on Greek Coins have been written by experts, and therefore it may seem fitting that some apology should be offered by one who, not being of that number, yet ventures to publish a work on this subject. The author offers this volume in the hope of supplying those who have but few books and little knowledge of the Classics with some help in the study of the Hellenic art and thought connected with coin-types. The coins issued from the Greek cities of Southern Italy may be used as a means of introducing some readers to a new world full of life, beauty, and suggestive thought, the realm of Greek imagination. A coin may mean more, and suggest more to us, than can be expressed in a simple description of its types, its date, or its weight, and those who try to see more than is given by the description in a catalogue will look kindly on this attempt to aid them. It is too often forgotten that when these coins were being modelled, more than two thousand years ago, the artists were still making use of forms and ideas belonging to the childhood of the race. When an ancient Greek spoke of a mountain torrent as a rushing bull, and drew the bull to express the idea in his mind, he was nc more confused intellectually than the child who cries out in his play Im a wolf or Im a bear .I tis necessary to the understanding of our children and of the childhood of the race that we should be not unmindful of our own childhood.
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