History of the Byzantine Empire, Vol. 2...


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Author  George Finlay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  704

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QeNKBAL OBBBRVATIONS 09 THE FOIJOT OF THE EMFEROBS AKD THS OHANGEB nr THS BrzANT nrs adxiivibtbation CHA iuarBB akd bxion of Isaac I., AJ .1057-1059 Charaotsb and polict of Constantinb X., a.d. 1059-1067 ARMEHTA lf FBONTIKR SXLJOUK TURKB I nYABION OF TBB OtJZSB. The contemporaries of Isaac Comnenus believed that the Byzantine, or, as they called it, the Roman empire, had attained a degree of wealth and power which secured it a permanent superiority over every other government. A review of the vicissitudes it had undergone in the preceding ages, entitled them to look forward with confidence to centuries of future prosperity. But to those who study the causes of decline in the Byzantine government from a modem point of view, the empire presents a very different aspect. To ,VOL.
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