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Author  Stephanos Th Xenos Edwin Augustus Grosvenor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  546

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Never was the attention of mankind more turned to Greece than during the year that is closing. With feverish interest and anxiety, millions the world over have watched her brief desperate struggle against fearful odds. Her hopes and her future now seem crushed. She is a victim, bound and laid upon the altar, overcome by the superior strength of the Ottomans and by the hostility of the European powers. Her antagonist, the Ottoman Empire, is to-day stronger and more formidable than it has been at any time since the Battle of Navarino, seventy years ago. This book is a romance of love and adventure with its scene laid in Greece. As the plot develops, the reader seems treading Greek soil, breathing Greek air, and living among the Greeks. Though A ndronike the heroine, Thrasyboulos her lover, and the renegade Barthakas, the evil genius of the story, are actors in the Greek revolution of 1821, they might be reckoned characters of to-day. That revolution, with its mingled heroism and shame, does not differ greatly from this last war, itself an episode in the ceaseless struggle between the Christian and the Mussulman, the Grek and the Turk. This story is a succession of instantaneous photographs, revealing, with photographic accuracy, phases of life in the Balkan peninsula. No other book in so realistic manner describes the birth throes of modem Greece.
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