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Author  W. H. Poole
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  698

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God schosen people Israel can never be a subject of indifference to the Christian mind. The indebtedness of Christendom to this race can never be computed nor repaid. Through it came chiefly the oracles of God to man. Through it came the institutions, the jurisprudence, the philosophy which largely mould the thought of all Christian nations to-day. Yet no race was ever repaid with blacker ingratitude for the benefits which it conferred. The tale of its persecution by fire and faggot, by rack and dungeon, is one of the darkest pages in European history. Pillaged and plundered, scattered and peeled, branded and mutilated, smitten by every hand and execrated by every lip, the Jews seemed to bear in all its bitterness of woe, the terrible curse invoked by their fathers, His blood the blood of the Innocent One be upon us and our children. Trampled and beaten to the earth, decimated and slaughtered, they have yet, like the trodden grass that ranker grows, increased and multiplied in spite of their persecution.
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