The Life of Cicero, Vol. 1 of 2


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Author  Anthony Trollope
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  430

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Cicero which I feel I may probably fail in justifying by any new information; and on this account the enterprise, though it has been long considered, has been postponed, so that it may be left for those who come after me to burn or publish as they may think proper; or should it appear during my life I may have become callous through age to criticism. The project of my work was anterior to the life by Mr. Forsyth, and was first suggested to me as I was reviewing the earlier volumes of Dean Merivale s History of the Eomans under the Empire. In an article on the Deans work, prepared for one of the magazines of the day, I inserted an apology for the character of Cicero which was found to be VOL. I.
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