The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World...


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Author  Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  672

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This book was designed and written, and tlie early editions of it were published, while we were blessed with a Peace, which existed for nearly forty years, and which most of us fondly hoped to behold unbroken for many more years to come. But when, early in the present year, I receired notice that a Seventh Edition would soon be required, I addressed myself to the duty of preparing it amid tota Uydifferent circumstances. This country was engaged in eventful warfare, the term of which no sane calculator could then define; and the results of which to ourselves, to our gigantic adversary, to our gallant allies, and to the whole civi Hsed world, must be all-pervading and all-enduring. My first impulse was to cancel many passages, which allude to the pacific character of the period in which they were composed, and to make the general scope of the work more applicable to the altered state of the World shistory. But, on reflection, I thought it best not to incur the risk of marring that, which has hitherto found favour with the public in its original form.
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