The General History of Polybius


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Author  Polybius Polybius
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  456

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OkdtlRABLE llOBERT LOR i) HENRY, BARON OF GRA iNGE, LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR OF GREAT BRITAIN My Lord, WHEN the following Translation was first sent abroad, I endeavoured not to shelter it under any illustrious name. It was more agreeable to my sentiments, as it seemed to be more consistent also with candour and with justice, that it should find its way through the public vour to some particular patron, than that a patron, how great soever, should iinpose it by his single sanction on the public. The hopes, which I at that time entertained, are now fully answered; and your Lordships approbation has stamped the last authority upon the general voice. But not content with approving only, your Lordship has been pleased to interest in some degree your own name likewise in the future fortune of my work; by permitting me to address this new edition of it to your more immediate favour and protection As this is. an indulgence, which must on my part always demand the most grateful Ticknowledgments, so may I not also presume to add, that it will not perhaps detract even from your own dignity or VOL. I.
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