Rhodes in Ancient Times


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Author  Cecil Torr
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  192

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Rhodes. Some three hundred and fifty inscriptions have been found in the island since Hamilton found the first in 1837, and these have been published in collections of inscriptions and in the various archaeological journals. Large numbers of statuettes, vases, coins, gems, etc. have also been found there within the last thirty years, chiefly in the excavations on the sites of Ialysos and Camiros and of some town near the modern village of Siana; and the finest of these may be seen in the British Museum, the Louvre, and the Berlin Museum. But no complete statement has yet been attempted of the results derived from these new materials as well as from those previously accessible. Apparently the only modern works dealing with the subject are these. Metcrsius, Rliodus, 1675, contains about twothirds of the passages from the classics that bear on the subject, and also one inscription found at Brindisi. These passages are heaped together without regard to their relative value, and sometimes with amusing forgetfulness of their contexts ;and the references are very vague. Paulsen, Commentatio ex Jiibens RJ wdi descriptionem Macedonica estate, 1818, is thorough: but it is very brief and deals mainly with T. R.
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