The Greek Theatre of Father Brumoy


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Author  Pierre Brumoy Charlotte Lennox
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  580

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The arts of the drama, for which I have prefumed to folicit your Royal Highnefe spatronage, have been always honoured with the proteaion of princes, as the arts which add grace to precept, and teach virtue by multi. plying delights. Of the employments which engage the labours and ftudies of mankind, fome are incit- ediy the power of neceffity and foie dilated by the love of pleafure :to works of neceffity,we are driven by nature; in purfuit of pleafure, we are influenced by example. Nations may receive plenty from the cultivation of the foil,, but they muft owe their pofitenels to the, refinements of the court jand the ehcourage Oient which your Royal Highnefs has given to the endeavours of genius, has already kindled new ardors of emulation, and brightened the profpefts of the learned and the ftudious, who confider the birdi of your Royd Highneis
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