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Author  Mitra Mitra
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  524

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Page. not a king. Do. of the Bhoja-prabandha. Do. of Gwalior. Do. of Kanauj. Do. of Pehewa. Traditional history of Bhoja of Dhara. Account of Munja. Nagapur inscription. Successors of Bhoja. Madhukargarh inscription. Bhoja sdate. (F rom the Journal of the A sialic Society of Bengal.) 385 406 XIX. Early Life of As oka. Position of As oka in Indian history. Notice of him in the Buddhist Sanskrit literature of Nepal. As oka-avadana. Genealogy. Discrepancies in the Puranas, c. Vindusara marries Subhadrangi. Birth of As oka. His pupilage. Deputed to Takshas ila. Succeeds his father. Suppresses the revolt of his brother. Assassinates his kinsmen. Directs the murder of some ladies of his family. Anecdote of Samudra. As oka feels interested in Buddhism. Erects Chaityas. Birth of his son. Upa Gupta. Pilgrimage, and devotion to the Bodhi tree at Buddha-G aya. Destruction and revivification of the tree. Deputation of As okas son to Takshas ila, and his renunciation of the world. Murder of Vitas oka. Indication in the Lats of the religion of As oka. Arguments in favour of his early Jainism refuted. (F rom the Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.) ... ... ... ... ... ... ...407 46 XX. The Primitive A ryans. Materials available for a history of the Primitive A ryans unsatisfactory. Conclusions arrived at admitted to be unquestionable. Pritchard sresearches. Researches of modern philologists. Phonetic decay and regeneration. Mutability of letters, and of words. Inference of a primitive A ryan language and of a primitive A ryan race. Mythological evidence. Locale of the A ryans. A ge of the Zendavesta. Origin of the word A ryat its dispersion. Social condition of the A ryans. Their food and drink. Their language. Their poetry. They had no writing. Their morality and government. Development of religion. Monotheism of the A ryans. Attributes of the Divinity, Form of
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