Britannia a or a Key to the Philology of History...


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Author  John Jones Thomas
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  244

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Regent Stkket, Victoria Parade, elbourne, Makoh 1860. My de A ii Car ADD AEG, Many of your friends, who attended the banquet held at the Prince of Wales Hotel, in celebration of the A nniversaiy of Saut Ddewi, or St. David s Day, (1st March, 1800;, have expressed a wish that you should publish your interesting essays on the Language and Early History of the Cimmerians. I think tlie publication of a work upon the many curious and imperfectly understood subjects tieated of in the papers, portions of which you read on tlie above-named and subsequent occasions, would be welcomed especially by your countrymen, and, I may add, by the public genemlly. It is believed, from the ability evinced therein, that, were you to apply your linqual talent and classical learning to tlie task of analysing those questions thoroughly, we should have access to more reliable data tlian aie at present available, and a clearer light may be thrown upon the philological, ethnological, as well as the political histoiy of the Cimmerians, and of their descendants, the Cyniry or Ancient Britons, the primitive and heroic inhabitants of Ynys Prydain, or the Hyperborean I sles of the West. There are many reasons which should induce y)u to attempt to strike out a new path through this Uvvn incognita of history, and, as yet, comparatively unexplt)red i Mof Cimbric litemture. It is the bounden duty of some one who claims kindred with the Cyiiiry to grapple earnestly and manfully with the subject, and who is not only conversant with the Cimmerian, but having, also, an acquaintance witli the idiomatic structure of the other learned languages of antiquity. There is honor and fame in store Uf Vhim who can suococd in unravelling the symbolical meaning of the Coelhronnic orl ard .
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