The Uses of Symbolism in Greek Art a Dissertation...


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Author  Janet M. Macdonald
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  70

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Art Library ft OUTLINE CHAPTER PACE I. Introduction i II. Various Classes of Symbols 3G roup I: (i) A ttributive; (2) Representative; (3) Canting; (4) Commercial; (5) A gonistic; (6) Personification: (a) Concrete objects. Group II: (6) Personification: (b) Pure abstractions, (c) .A llegory; (7) A nalogy; (8) Physical terms for spiritual ideas; (9) Cause for effect; (10) Effect for cause. Group III: (11) A potropaic; (12) Necrological; (13) A stronomical. III. The Uses of Symbolism 16 I. I dentification: (1) Of deities; (2) Of demi-gods and heroes; (3) Of occupations; (4) Of race; (5) Of time; (6) Of place; (7) Of mint; (8) Of monetary value. II. System of Shorthand: (1) To indicate landscape; (2) To suggest a narrative. III. Expression of Abstract I deas and Emotions IV. Allusion to Historical Events I V. Protection against Evil a IV. Relation of Symbols to the Medium 32 xW (a) Sculpture in the round; (b) Relief sculpture; (c) Vase-painting; (d) Major art of painting; (e) Coins; () Gems; (g) Terra cottas; (h) A rchitecture. V. Comparison of Greek Symbolism with the Symbolism of Other Countries 39 I. Obvious Similarities II. Differences
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