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Author  William Forsyth
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  350

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Et. 54-55. B.C. 53-52. new year opened with no consuls. And this state of interregnum lasted for six months, during which a succession of officers was appointed, called interreges, who, according to a law or custom as old as the time of the monarchy, each held office for a period of five days, so that this year there were at least thirty-six interreges. They were chosen by the Senate out of their own body, and must by law be patricians, which explains the reason why the tribunes,, who of course were always plebeians, were generally opposed to their creation. In the meantime, however, the city was in a state of turbulent confusion. All attempts to hold the comitia for the election of consuls failed. They were stopped by the usual device of watching the sky, or interrupted by riots which broke up the meeting. At last one of the tribunes, Q. Pompeius Bums, a grandson of Sylla, was thrown into prison by the Senate, which summoned courage to perform this one act of firmness. And when Lucceius Hirrus proposed that a dictator VOL. II.
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