The Ancient Ones of the Earth


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  170

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It is the object of the present work to direct the attention of those who feel interested in the question Which was the primitive alphabet of man? to a discovery made by the author in the year 1848. Being an earnest student of subjects tending to illustrate or authenticate the Holy Scriptures, he formed an humble unit amongst the many thousands who flocked to the British Museum to gaze upon the exhumed remains of a mighty empire, inscribed with records written in a dumb Semitic character, brought to light by Mr. Layard sexcavations. It was then he perceived the striking similarity between some of the early Greek letters and the cuneiform characters as exhibited on the Assyrian marbles. He obtained permission from the museum authorities to copy the inscriptions, with a view to their elucidation, and he then collected an alphabet of the earliest Greek letters, principally from Eolian tablets, and by comparing these with the cuneiform inscriptions he foun that all the various gi oups of characters, when dissected, were resolvable into the nineteen letters exhibited in his first column of alphabets. V ide Plate VII.) Subsequent study and investigation have only tended to confirm this first conviction.
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