History of Art in Phoenicia and Its Dependencies...


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Author  Georges Perrot
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  428

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Three Cypriot heads To face 264 TAIL-PIECES, c. Cypriot head, Louvre Title. Chapter I. Funerary cone, from Sidon 102 ,, II. Cone-shaped seal, French National Library 141 ,, III. Sardinian scarab 250 IV. Coin of Mallos 332 V. Sardinian scarab 410 FIG. 1. The Nahr-el-F edar 52. Plan of the passes at the Nahr-el-K elb 73. View of the passes at Nahr-el-K elb 94. Syria in the time of the Egyptian domination 17 5. Tyre before the siege of Alexander 21 6. Tomb at Amrit 24 7. The walls of Arvad 25 8. Phoenician merchant galley 34 9. Phoenician war galley 34 10. Map of the Phoenician colonies in the Mediterranean basin 35 n, 12. Carthaginian coins 52 13. Votive stele from Carthage 53 14, 15. Votive steles from Carthage 54 16. Fragment of a votive stele from Carthage 55 17. Descent from the Pass of Legnia, in the Lebanon 58 18. The sources of the River A donis 59 19. Coin of Byblos 61 20. Astarte 65 21. Bes 65 22. Pygmy .66 VOL. I.
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