A Sketch of the Life and Character of Marcus...


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Author  John Stricker
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  244

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His father Marcus, from whom, being the eldest born, he took that name, was a man of wisdom and learning, but seems to have been infirm of health, and to have therefore, though not without deep reluctance, foregone all attempts to rise in the State ;passing the greater part of his life, at his seat, in the enjoyment, as far as might be, of leisure and elegant literature. Of his mother, Helvia, the orator no where speaks: she was however, a woman of fortune, a thrifty housewife, and of noble birth, t The fortune of the family must have been easy, if not affluent, as on its first introduction at Rome, it took rank at once with the equestrian order in the State. That order, unlike to modern knighthood, was accessible only to men of some fortune. Himself debarred, as we have seen, from public honors, and lamenting the long indolence of his progenitors in regard to them, Marcus was the more anxious in animating his sons ambition, and spared neither money nor pains in so instructing him, as to prepare him for the highest dignities. His paternal care was soon and well repaid ;C i Gero, in the progress of his studies, disclosing brilliant talents, as well as the love of glory, which may be said to have been throughout life his master passion, and the real secret of his greatness. Intensely diligent as a student, and believing that an accomplished orator, the character he aimed at, should be able at all times, to speak soundly and elegantly upon every subject presented to him, he applied with ardor to universal learning. Assuming the manly gown and admitted to the forum, law, politics, philosophy and poetry, were each his care. In the first, hemet with friendly guides in the two Scsevolas, one conspicuous as a statesman, and both profoundly skilled in the laws; in philosophy he had the benefit of Grecian masters of the Epicurean, A cademick and Stoick sects; whilst i
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