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Author  Mitra Mitra
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  514

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Similitude and contrasts between the Delhi Assemblage of 1878, and that of Yudhisthiia. Derivation of the word RA jasiiya, Rijasuya very rare. Probable date of Yudhisthira. His family history. Established at I ndraprastha. Gradual extension of his kingdom. A new palace. Resolve to perform the Rdjasfiya. A ssasination of Jarasandha. Four military expeditions. Army of the North under A rjuna. Army of the East under Bhima. Army of the South under Sahadeva. Army of the West under Nalhila. Consultation to begin the performance of the rite. I nvitations. Appointment of priests. Life of the priests at the festival. Royal guests, their reception. Presents from guests. Croupiers at the festival. Supremacy assigned to Krishna. Dites thereon. Sis upala killed by Krishna. Wheeler stheory about the brawl. Ditto about the character of the guests and of the sacrifice. The ritual of the ceremony. The royal bath or unction, articles necessary for it. Ritual details. Three forms of coronation. HE Imperial Assemblage to be held at Delhi on the 1st of next month cannot fail to recall to the mind of oriental scholars the description, given in the Mahdbhdrata, of a similar gathering held there about four thousand years ago. Then, as now, the object was the assumption of paramount power by a mighty sovereign. Then, as now, princes and potentates came from all parts of India to do homage to one who was greatly their superior in power, wealth, and earnest devotion to rule honestly and impartially. Then, as now, the feeling of allegiance was all but universal. But noteworthy as these points of similitude are, there are others which place the two assemblages in marked contrast.
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