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Author  R. B. Bement
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  86

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Sacred Scripture. Having visited the places described, for the purpose of qualifying myself for Public Lecturing, I have devoted most of my timo to that employment, and could only devote the leisure moments to writing. Knowing that the country, and not the author, was the subject of interest to the reader, I have said but little of myself my feelings, or the incidents by the way except when the same would illustrate the subject of the history or the Bible. I have aimed at accuracy, but, in some instances, writing from memory, may have erred a trifle in figures and measurement. With whatever of good or ill it may possess, I trust it will be useful to the reader; while it affords me time to prepare a larger and more thorough work upon the history of those lands, so intimately blended with the teachings of the Sacred Scriptures. K. B. BEMENT.
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