Readings in Greek History


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Author  Ida Carleton Thallon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  676

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This book was begun in answer to a definite need for a selection from the sources to be used in ancient-history classes, many of whose members had already been accustomed to using source books in medieval and modern history. For such students there was only one source book of ancient history and it was designed especially for secondary schools. The present book was practically completed before the appearance of one or two other source books, which cover a considerably longer period than that included here. It is hoped that the present work will furnish the student with fuller material in a more restricted field from Homer to the battle of Chaeronea. The aim has been to make these selections comprehensive enough to be of use in secondary schools as well as for undergraduate work in college. The attempt to make the book of service to many will doubtless result in the failure to satisfy the specialist, the Greek scholar on the one hand, the historian on the other, but these selections may help to bridge over the wide gulf between the pleasing narrative for children and the exhaustive work for the advanced student. Almost any book dealing with Greek history needs a few words of explanation about the spelling of proper names. Consistency is of course impossible in a book made up of selected passages, the translators of which have their own preferences; and I have been perhaps unduly conscientious about tampering with the spelling of others, even to the extent of leaving some personal idiosyncrasies of hybrid Graeco-L atin forms. In my own translations or commentary, names have generally been Latinized despite the fact that some unusual names, especially in inscriptions, have perhaps never before been transliterated, and therefore present a strange appearance.
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