The ancient history of the egyptians,carthaginians,Assyrians,babylonians,Medes


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Author  Charles Rollin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  624

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In presenting to the American Public, this new and improved edition of Rollin sA ncient History, we deem it proper to point out a few of the many instances which, it is believed, gives it a superiority over other editions hitherto published in this country They are. First The restoration of the prefatory remarks of RoU in, to each history, as riginally prepared by him and inserted in the French editions. rvv Second The addition of AH istory of the Arts andS ciences of the A ncients, yR oU in, as inserted in the original, and all subsequent French editions, The following extract from the preface of the Publishers of the Glasgow Edition. of 1832, Edited by James Bell, will more clearly show the importance of the addictions referred to. The publishers venture to say this is the only entire and unmutilated edition of Rollin sH istory in English, which has issued from the press for more than eighty Vyears: indeed they are not aware that any other unmutilated edition was ever printed nB ritain, except the first English edition published in 1738 by J. P. Knapton, uondon. In Rollin soriginal work, as maybe seen by consulting the French editions, ind the first English edition, (1738,) the author has introduced each separate division. Dfthe history by suitable prefatory remarks. In the subsequent editions, however these diflferent introductions have been thrown together in the most confused and undistinguished manner, for the purpose of forming one general preface to the whole work ;. by which means not only is the original form of the work marred, but the utility of those valuable portions of it are in a great measure destroyecl. But what is still worse, this part of the work has been exceedingly mutilated by the suppression of many paragraphs, and even whole pages; by which means the sentiments and remarks of the learned and pious author upon some of the most import
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