The History of Sicily to the Athenian War...


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Author  William Watkiss Lloyd
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  424

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EfiO OF SYRACUSE PATRON OF ART. PAGB The court of Hiero, 468 B.C. Luxury and mistrust The fortune of the Arts under tyrannies ifischylus and Pindar in Sicily Simonides of Cos Bacchylides Dorian comedy in Megara and Sicily, 470 B.O. Epicharmus Phormis Olympic dedications Archaic statuary, Attic and JE ginetan, 467 B.C. Tlie sculptor Pythagoras of Rhegium The heirs of A nazilaua, 477 RC Dedicated statues of their guardian Micythus 136 CHAPTER IX. SELINUS: ARCHITECTURE IN SICILY. The story of Seltnus, 600 409 ac Extent of its ruins Scantiness of records Sicilian Doric Architecture and Attic Development of A rchitcctura observable at Selinns Colossal temples at A grigentum Architecture at Syracuse 153 CHAPTER X. THE SUBVERSION OF THE TYRANNIES. The heir of Gelon under guardianship of Thrasybulus Family dissentions Designs and fall of Thrasybulus and overthrow of the dynasty Syracuse an aristocracy according to definition of A ristotle, 465 B.C. Gelonian insurrection suppressed Counter revolutions throughout Sicily, 461 B.C. Rise of the Sicel Ducetins Political development of Central Hellas overtaken in Sicily Democracy established at Syracuse, 452 b. c. Agitation and destruction of Tyndarion Petalism Naval expeditions westward against Etruscans 164 CHAPTER XL DUCETIUS, THE SICEL. Ducetins organizes confederacy of Sicel towns Founds Palike Besieges Motyon in A grigentine territory Successes against Syracusans Subsequent defeat and desertion Ducetius a refugee at Syracuse Is received generously and relegated to Corinth Jealousy of A cragas at influence of Syracuse Loses battle and sues for peace Ducetius re-appears in Sicily, 446 B.C. Plans cut short by death Syracuse subjugates the Sicels 439 B.C. .. ..
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