An Illustration of the Roman Antiquities Discovered...


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Author  Richard Warner
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  148

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Jeffery of Monmouth, and other fabling af Tcrtors of the Briiilh antiquities, we fliould be Heve, that the arts and fciences, the elegancies, luxuries, and refinements of life, were known and praftifed by the Britons, long before their communication with the Romans-, and we might be perfuaded, that even Bath itfelf made a confidcrable figure, as a city, fome centuries previous to the Chriftian ra. But if we turn from thefe wild dreanis of the cloi Acr, to the page of clal Tical hiflory, we fhall find (from the few hints on the fubjecl which may there be met with) that IL ittle, if any, credit can be given to the details of Br!ti(h tranfaflioni previous to the arrival of the Romans here, as Polydorc Xirgil hath well obferved. Lquidem nihil occultius; nihil tncertius ;nihil ignoratius; rebus Britannorum a principio gcftis; partim quod annales, fi qui fucrant, ficut fupra oftendiroui Gildam tellificari, fundituj perierant, undc poftca qui hiftorias fcripfsnint, nihil hauritc polucre, Sec. Hifl. p. 18.
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