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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  502

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The Editor and the Friends of this Journal earnestly solicit the support of those who take an interest in the subjects discussed in its pages. In order to secure its continuation, and establish it on a firm basis, a number of Gentlemen interested in the advancement of classical studies, and the investigation of our early literature, subscribe 1per annum, for which they receive the numbers of the Journal as they appear. The Committee superintending the management of the Journal, will be glad to receive the names of any Gentlemen who may wish in the same way to assist in promoting the interests of the Classical Museum. THE COMMITTEE. Rev. J. W. Blakesley. E. H. BuNBURY, Esq., M.A. His Excellency Chevalier Bunsen. ;, The Earl op Burlington. The Right Rev. theL ord Bishop of St. David s. J. E. Denison, Esq., M.P. The Earl of Ellesmere. The Venerable Archdeacon Hare. Rev. Dr. Kennedy. The Rt. Hon. H. Labouchere, M.P. Sir Francis Lawley, Bart. Rev. H. G. Liddell. George Long, Esq., M.A. Professor Lushington, M.A. Professor Malden, M.A. Rev. Dr. Peile. Professor Pillans, M.A. Professor Ramsay, M.A. Dr. Leonhard Schmitz. Dr. William Smith. Rev. a. p. Stanley. His Grace theD uke of Sutherland. Rev. Dr. Tait. Rev. Robert Whiston.
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