The Parthenon


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Author  James Fergusson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
Pages  158

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Tiiou Gnso small a portion of this book is devoted directly to the description of the Parthenon, the name of that celebrated temple has been selected to designate the work, for the same reason that Quatremere de Quincy called his essay on Greek Art Le Jupiter Olympien. His work is practically a treatise on Grreek sculpture especially the toreutic branch of it as then known, and the temple at Elis and the famous chryselephantine statue of Phidias occupy relatively a smaller portion of his work than the Parthenon does in mine. Had the building been entire at the present day, a different mode of treatment from that I have adopted might have been expedient, and it would have been possible to commence with a description of the temple and devote a greater portion of the work to the elucidation of its peculiarities. As it is, the materials out of which it was in theory to be reconstructed had to be quarried from various sources, and their forms and uses ascertained, before their application to the Parthenon could be determined. A vast amount of superincumbent rubbisli had also to be cleared away before serviceable materials could be got at and gathered together; but once this was done, a few words seemed to be all that was required to explain the application of the forms and ideas gathered from other sources, to the rehabilitation of the lost or misunderstood portions of that famous temple. So many investigations are now in progress, and so much requires to be done before many of the subjects which are treated of in the following pages can be considered as at all complete, that it is not without considerable reluctance that I publish this work at the present moment. I would not, in fact, hurry it now through the press, but for a feeling that if it is not done now it may possibly not be done at all. The excavations at Eleusis have actually been commenced at last, bu
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