The Theatre of the Greeks


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Author  John William Donaldson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  614

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Greek Drama and that of modem Europe: those who wish to prosecute the subject farther will find in the remainder of this collection, and in the works referred to at the end of the I ntroduction, the sum oi nearly all that has been written on the Theatre of the Greeks. The Extracts from Twining s Aristotle have been replaced by the whole translation. The divisions are those of Bekker stext. In the Extracts from Bentley I have merely added marginal references to the pages of the original dissertation. The Selections from Schlegel s Lectures have been revised by the gentleman who translated them for the last edition. Mr Tate s Treatise on Metres has been more correc reprinted from the separate work, and I have to tha: that eminent scholar for some additions to his syntact remarks in pp. 498 196. 499- 504, 505. 507. The passages from Elmsley sreview of Porson s Cuba have been omitted, as they did not seem lik serve any important purpose; I have also thought it 1.
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