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Author  Herbert Baldwin Foster
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  336

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Antoninus begins his reign by having various persons assassinated, among them his brother Geta (chapters 1-3). Cruelty of Antoninus toward Papinianus, Cilo, and others (chapters 4-6). Antoninus as emulator of Alexander of Mace don (chapters 7, 8). His levies and extravagance (chapters 9-11). His treachery toward A bgarus of Osrhoene, toward the Armenian king, the Parthian king, and the Germans (chapters 12, 13). The Cenni conquer Antoninus in battle (chapter 14). He strives to drive out his disease of mind by consulting spirits and oracles (chapter 15). Slaughter of vestals, insults to the senate, demise of others contrary to his mothers wishes (chapters 16-18). Antoninus s Parthian war (chapters 19-21). Massacres of Alexandrians caused by Antoninus (chapters 22-24). DURATION OF TIME. Q. Epidius Rufus Lollianus Gentianus, Pomponiu Bassus (A. D. 211 =a. u. 964 =F irst of A ntoninus, from Feb. 4th). C. lulius Asper (II), C. lulius A sper. (A. D. 212 =a. u. 965 =S econd of A ntoninus.) Antoninus A ug. (IV), D. Ccelius Balbinus (II). (A. D. 213 =a. u. 966 =T hird of A ntoninus.) Silius Messala, Sabinus. (A. D. 214=: a. u. 967 =F ourth of A ntoninus.) Lsetus (II), Cerealis. (A. D. 215 =a. u. 968 =F ifth of A ntoninus.) C. Attius Sabinus (II), Cornelius A nnullinus. (A. D. 216 =a. u. 969 =S ixth of A ntoninus.
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